The story of how fishing has been my LIFE LINE while battling a rare, life threatening and debilitating autoimmune disease is a familiar one to most of the fishing industry.  I’ve spent so much time in hospitals that I’ve earned the honorary PH.D. If you don’t know my story and you’d like to learn about me, click here.

Despite my health challenges, my Dad and I have been fishing together for 20 years creating wonderful and lasting memories.  We’ve realized through our time on the water that we both share the love of “problem solving”. Organizing used and new spools of line was one of our problem areas. Pros and pleasure fishermen alike all have their tips and tricks for this issue, but there is really no good solution.  You still end up with an uncontrolled mess. Introducing LINE DR.! LINE DR. does double duty by keeping your line neat, organized, and ON your spools while stored, AND helps to keep tension on the spool while filling your reels. Check back often for more exciting LINE DR. and LINE DR. PRO products!